Travel permit

tournament procedure outside of st. hubert

Procedure to obtain a travel permit

Mandatory for tournaments outside the area of the South Shore

A) Complete the Application Form Travel Permit ( with the exception of the section at the Club ) .(Download Application Form)

B) Provide the form of travel permits and payment ( check or cash ) at the Centre Quevillon during the posted hourrs on our website.

C) The license will be sent by the Head of Centre Quevillon to those concerned.

D) Travel Permit will be returned by the President or when the Regional Federation will have stamped it;

E) No team roster is required at the time of stamping the Travel Permit . However, this list is required when registering for a tournament (on site) ;

F) If you have an issue with the team roster (from PTS) take care to notify the Registrar:  of the absence and / or borrowing of players in the tournament. (This list does not need to be approved by the Regional as before).

Remember: Travel Permit List + mandatory for team tournaments.

Provide a period of two (2 ) weeks for tournaments in Quebec and three (6) weeks for those outside of Quebec. 

Olivier Ford

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